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The most common are southern dolphins, which are small in size and travel as a family. They are very friendly and enjoy approaching the boats to perform their acrobatics and pirouettes. In this area you can also find the Chilean dolphin that is a little darker than the austral one and, although it does approach the boats, it does not perform pirouettes and only shows part of its back and dorsal fin, making smooth and cyclic movements . And although there is presence of whales in these waters, their sighting is not regular and in the event that you can see any, you should consider yourself very lucky. Among the fjord species you can find: the acrobatic humpback whale, the shy spiny porpoise, the Antarctic minke, southern right whale, sei whale and the giant blue whale protected species in danger of extinction.



The Queulat unit is located in the Aysén Region of General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, south of Chaitén and 165 km north of Coyhaique. It was created on October 13, 1983, by DS No. 640. The unit stands out for the protection of wildlife species such as: black carpenter, condor, chucao, pudu, güiña, puma and the four-eyed frog. As for flora, it stands out for the protection of Patagonian Andean forests, made up of species such as the lenga, the dwarf maitén, the white michay and the coigüe de Magallanes; and in the evergreen forests and peat bogs, the Chiloé coigüe, the tepa, the tineo, the chilco and the cinnamon.


Marble Chapel

The Shrine of Nature Capilla de Mármol1 corresponds to a Chilean national monument, formed by a set of calcium carbonate mineral formations, located on the shore of Lake General Carrera, in the Aysén region of General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, Chile . Over the years, the waters of the lake (the second largest in South America) have eroded the coastal escarpments, creating these formations that include caverns and islets. Some of these formations are known as Marble Cathedral, Marble Chapel and the Marble Caverns.

Marble Caverns

CLP $ 45.000.-

USD $ 75.-

Full Day

Coyhaique – Pto. Tranquilo

Monday to Saturday

– Transfer in modern buses, reclining seats.

– Chofer – Guide

– Ticket navigation

– Lunch at local restaurant, Pto. Tranquilo

– 1 Strategic stop for photographs

Departure from Coyhaique Municipal Terminal at 08:00 am and return from Pto. Tranquilo 16:00 hrs.

Queulat Park

CLP $ 23.000.-

USD $ 40.-

Full Day

Coyhaique – Queulat Park

Hanging Snowdrift

Moday – Tuesday

Thursday – Friday

– Transfer in modern buses, reclining seats

-Chofer / Guide

– Breakfast in mañihuales (not included)

– 2 Strategic stops for photographs (Piedra el Gato – Cascada el Condor)

Departure from Coyhaique municipal terminal at 08:00 a.m. and Queulat return at 5:00 p.m.

Dolphins – Birds and wildlife

CLP $ 45.000.-

USD $ 70.-

Full Day

Coyhaique – Puerto Cisnes


Wednesday – Saturday

Transfer in modern buses, reclining seats

 – Chofer – Guide

 – Ticket navigation

 – Lunch in Pto. Cisnes

 – 2 Strategic stops for photographs (Piedra el gato and Mirador Rio Cisnes)

Departure from Coyhaique municipal terminal at 08:00 a.m. and return to Coyhaique at 5:00 p.m.

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Cerro Castillo

The Cerro Castillo national reserve is located in the Aysén region, 64 kilometers south of the city of Coyhaique. Created in 1970, it has an area of ​​179,550 hectares.1 This reserve is crossed by the Carretera Austral and separates the hydrographic basins of the Aysén and Ibáñez rivers. The reserve is home to a wide variety of natural environments, such as the Castillo Hill with 2675 meters high or the Chiguay Lagoon.

Villa Ohiggins

Villa O’Higgins is a town of about 600 inhabitants, located in the Region of Aysén, Chile, at the mouth of the Mayer River to Lake O’Higgins, near the border with Argentina. It is the capital of the O’Higgins commune that extends from the source of the Rio Grande to the Mount Fitz Roy and the Lautaro volcano to the south. The Villa marks the southern end of the Chilean Carretera Austral, at a distance of 1,247 km from Puerto Montt, 2,034 km from Santiago de Chile, 575 km from Coyhaique and 220 km from Cochrane, always going south.




Coyhaique municipal bus terminal

Address Lautaro with Magallanes